Online privacy policy

Online privacy policy

While visiting the Positronic Works site some information may be collected by the webserver or given voluntarily by the visitor. It is the purpose of this document to describe the manner in which your data may be used.


Comments on public posts are themselves public. If you comment, the operator of this site as well as any other visitors will be able to read this comment. If there is information you prefer kept to yourself, please don't type that information into any forms on this site.

The comment forms on Positronic Works posts are provided by Disqus. If privacy is a concern, you'd be wise to read Disqus's privacy documents before posting.

We will under no circumstances voluntarily provide collected email addresses to any third party. If you contact us, we may use your email address to reply. If you elect to use a feature of the site which requires the email address to function, such as for notification of new content on the site, the website will of course use the email address you provide for that purpose.

Server statistics.

The webserver collects some information about visitors in the course of your visit. We use that information to see what content is popular, how to organize the site, and things like that.[1] We do not sell our visitor's information to anyone, and will not ever. Positronic Works uses the open-source software Piwik on our own servers[2] for this analytics tracking, so that information about your visit is not shared with Google or another third-party analytics company.

The Piwik installation respects the DoNotTrack setting in your browser. We do not store complete IP addresses in our analytics but anonymize them as required by the privacy laws in some countries such as Germany.

Any questions about privacy on Positronic Works can be directed to us by using the contact form, which we will have real soon now, probably.

  1. Sometimes we just like to see where people are visiting from, sort of like collecting postcards. ↩︎

  2. The Piwik subdomain is on, registered to Steven Scotten. The Piwik installation as well as the Positronic Works site itself are hosted on a VPS from Linode in their data center in Newark New Jersey. The above links have no tracking stuff, but in case you're in the market for a VPS, here is a totally non-anonymous link that will earn us a tiny kickback for referring you: Linode. We promise that any referral fees we get will be spent on pizza and/or EL wire. ↩︎